Vaping Legislation

Vaping legislation proposals are an epidemic across the globe. Yet, how many of these suggested legislative restrictions are based on science, how many are based on fear, and how may come down to money? Honestly, we can never truly know the motives of other people, but there are clues that offer enough insight to make an educated guess.

From the formaldehyde freak out to the diacetyl drama, the media seems to love highlighting any possibility of danger in vaping. Even though both of these issues have been proven to be invalid in real life vaping situations, the media is still touting these as the basis of impending doom that is electronic cigarettes. Each of these articles cries out for vaping legislation at the minimum, and banning all access to vaping as the ultimate goal. Politicians are chomping at the bit for the opportunity to either ban vaping or put vaping legislation into place that allows them to collect exorbitant taxes on all vapor products. Meanwhile the FDA and scientists are crying out for more studies …

Vaping Healthy vs Healthier

There is this ongoing debate on the health effects of e-cigarettes. The major difference I see in the battle is that one side is comparing e-cigarettes to air, and the other is comparing e-cigarettes to traditional cigarettes. Let’s chat a bit about the difference between healthy vs healthier than the alternative that it is supposed to replace. Let me just make one statement right off the bat. Vaping is not healthy. Compared to air, vaping is incredibly dangerous. However, that’s not the real argument we should be discussing. Vaping was not created to hook a new generation on the nefarious nicotine. The reality is e-cigarettes were created by a man who’s father died due to complications from smoking, and as a smoker himself he wanted a way to quit so he didn’t find himself in the same fate.

So, the question then becomes “Is vaping safer than smoking?” I have yet to see anyone in the scientific or medical world say no to that question. Each of them, when directly asked that question has said …


Crackdowns on where people can smoke have forced many smokers around the country to smoke outdoors or in other designated areas. Often this forces smokers to huddle together for warmth as rain, snow, or extremely cold weather pounds down on them. Many smokers have searched for alternatives to standing out in the cold. Buying an E-Cigarette can help. If one decided to buy smokeless cigarettes, they will be able to smoke without disturbing anyone in the area. An e-cigarette uses a smokeless vapor that contains nicotine. This vapor mimics the taste and sensation of smoking a standard cigarette, without using harmful smoke that damages the lungs and causes discomfort to others in the area.

To buy smokeless cigarettes is to show respect for those around you by not subjecting them to harmful tobacco smoke.

An e-cigarette contains a refillable cartridge that contains the liquid that gets vaporized in the enjoyment of the product. These come in various flavors and styles, some of which contain little or even no nicotine. In a product like this,